Exotic Munchies

Peanuts. Milk Chocolate. Carmel. Brownie 34 g Imported from US
Multiple Options Rare Treat Imported chocolate Non- GMO Sound the alarm! This chocolate is HOT! Creamy milk chocolate...
16 Oz Special Topping that is great for pouring on your popcorn for that buttery taste you love!...
Imported from US TGI Friday Munchies Great for Sharing or Solo
Appleheads are small panned candies with a tart apple flavor. They were at one time called Johnny Apple...
Imported from US Tropical Typhoon Flavor Chewy Tropical Fruit Flavored Great for Sharing
Imported from US Delicious 155.9 g
Imported from Mexico Delicious 155 g
Imported from US 1 LB 2 Oz Family size Approved delicious
Turns milk chocolatey Gluten Free 11 Oz Imported from US
Multiple Options Kick Yo' Ass Hot! 1 oz Bag Imported from US
Imported from US  3.1 Oz Delicious Marshmallow & Graham in Chocolatey Coating *No Campfire Needed
Imported from Germany Many options Made with exclusively natural flavourings and colourings. And vegetarian, naturally – so no...
Imported from Europe Various Options Indulge
Imported from UK Milk chocolate flavoured with real orange oil and cranberry juice 90 g
MICROWAVABLE PORK RINDS - Snacking is a vital part of our day, so Lowery's is making your afternoon...
Feed your wild side with the Jack Link's Sasquatch Crate. This gift crate is perfect for the jerky...
Set includes thirteen Oreo cookies, two glass mugs, two cookie cages, two cookie tongs, and two napkins Perfect...
Set includes two ceramic Oreo cups, an ice cream scoop, two straws, and four Oreo cookies Just add...
CRUNCHY, KETTLE COOKED - Zapp's New Orleans Kettle Style Potato chips are kettle cooked, one batch at a...
Jumbo Snax Yummy, cripsy, crunchy pops! 13 g Caramel Crunch
6.5 oz bag is perfect for sharing When popcorn meets Cheetos Your favorite cheesy snack, now in popcorn...
Multiple Options 28 g Made with Snickers, M&M's Minis & Twixpieces combined with light fluffy popcorn. Imported from...
Multiple Options Imported Skittles