Rapid Ship - Munchies

Multiple Flavors Soft & Chewy
Crisp wafers in birthday cake favoured white creme with sprinkles Limited Edition Imported from US
Out of stock
Gluten Free Fat Free Made with real fruit Imported from US
Out of stock
2 Cakes per pack Made with real milk chocolate Imported from US
Lays Stax Buffalo Wings & Ranch Imported from US Limited Edition
55 g Limited Edition Collectable Imported from Asia
Out of stock
Churro flavoured Kit Kat bar 4 Chocolate Fingers/Bar Crisp wafers in churro flavoured creme Regular & King size...
Limited edition Blueberry Kit Kat As seen on social media Multiple sizes available
Out of stock
Imported from US 100% Safe to Eat 4 delicious flavors
Out of stock
350 g Try with drinks, chamoyadas, fruits & vegetables Imported from Mexico
Turns your milk into tasty flavors Multiple options 13 straws/pack
Out of stock
Milk Chocolate 'N Cereal Bites Made with Cocoa Pebbles 8 Oz Imported from US
Imported from US Strawberry + Dark Chocolate Limited time special
45 g Imported from UK Suitable for vegetarians
Out of stock
Watermelon flavor Zed candy Gluten free Vegetarian Dairy free
Out of stock
Delicious Yoo-Hoo taste Milk Chocolate flavoured 128 g
Multiple Options Imported from US Limited time offer 18 Oz Gourmet Popcorn
Creamy candy with cookie bits 4.5 oz bag
Make your own hot chocolate Chocolatey Hollow Filled with Mini Marshmallows
Milk Chocolate Imported from Netherlands
Fruity liquid centre Imported from Spain Fat free Gluten free Nut free
Imported from Japan 21 g Milky chew candy
Slush Puppie Blue Raspberry Milkshake Powder 375 g Just add to milk Imported from UK Delicious & Healthy...
Imported from UK Multiple options Ideal for ice cream, pancakes and waffles