Vendo 320 (Vendo Vue 40) Vending Machine

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  • Type: Beverage Glass Front Chilled Machine
  • Manufacturer: Vendo
  • Model: 320
  • Bill Acceptor: No
  • Coin Mech: Yes
  • Credit Card Terminal: Yes
  • Condition: Used
  • MDB Payment System: Main circuit board is updated to Include coin, bill and card reader acceptance
  • Warranty: No
  • Use: Beverages, Cans, Bottles.

  • Payment Plan Eligible: Yes. Buy this machine for payments as low as $50/month.

  • Location: Calgary
  • Transport/Shipping: Not Included, can be arranged through 3rd party for chargeable fee.
  • Customer Pick Up: Yes
  • Book Phone Consult: Yes
  • Book Viewing Session: Yes
  • Reported Issues: PDC Move Error
The Vendo Vue 30 and 40 are two of the more resilient and hardworking drink machines around. They operate on a first-in-first out basis, ensuring proper product rotation and the delivery of a cold beverage to the customer. The delivery system itself has total product control throughout the vend cycle to limit the possibility of product damage. Vue 30 and 40 machines are also incredibly secure with a heavy-duty metal hopper, anti-theft device and vend protection programming.
Vendo Vue 30/40 Key Features:
  • Easy selection process
  • Sliding coinage mount for easy access
  • LED-illuminated monitorized hopper
  • Refrigeration and lighting control
  • Flexible dispensing mechanism
  • Energy management features
  • Full range of diagnostic menus
The Vue available is the Vendo Vue 40.

Vendo 320 (Vendo Vue 40) Vending Machine