Wittern 3504 Vending Machine

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  • Type: Glass Front
  • Manufacturer: FSI, U-Select-It, USI, Wittern
  • Model: 3504
  • Bill Acceptor: Yes
  • Coin Mech: Yes
  • Credit Card Terminal: Yes
  • Condition: Used
  • MDB Payment System: Main circuit board is updated to Include coin, bill and card reader acceptance
  • Warranty: No
  • Use: Candy, Hygiene Products, Masks, Auto Parts, Travelling Gadgets, etc. Anything that fits in coils, products that require no refrigeration

  • Payment Plan Eligible: Yes. Buy this machine for payments as low as $50/month.

  • Location: Calgary
  • Transport/Shipping: Not Included, can be arranged through 3rd party for chargeable fee.
  • Customer Pick Up: Yes
  • Book Phone Consult: Yes
  • Book Viewing Session: Yes
  • Reported Issues: None

FSI, Federal, Selectivend, U-Select-It, USI, and Wittern are all trademarks owned by The Wittern Group, based in Des Moines, IA. Despite having distinct brand names and varying model numbers, the vending machines produced under each brand share remarkable similarities. The primary differentiator lies in their marketing strategies, whether through price clubs (such as Sam's Club), vending machine distributors, or direct sales to small businesses and healthcare facilities. Replacement parts for these brands can be conveniently sourced through Vend-Net at www.vendnetusa.com.

Wittern 3504 Vending Machine